I don’t want to sound mean, or grumpy. I am a big fan of people voicing their opinions…but I’m a bigger fan of truth.

First of all, I am not speaking on behalf of Womanthology,  or of Renae DeLiz, these are my feelings as a contributor to Womanthology. A contributor who does not feel mislead or confused about anything. I am proud to be a part of this and I feel that it is important and a hell of a lot of fun.There are people seem to be confused, or disgruntled. I understand that this happens whenever something succeeds, there will always be naysayers. But here’s the deal: If you think women don’t need a book or aren’t an underrepresented minority: Cool. If you think that women should be paid for any and all work that they do and should never volunteer time and energy for charity or exposure: Cool.

My problem is with people who have misrepresented what Womanthology is and the information that has been provided. My biggest problem is that some of these people are contributors to this book who now want to pretend that they weren’t CLEARLY informed. Now, again I DO NOT SPEAK FOR RENAE OR WOMANTHOLOGY. I am just a contributor and I am going to give facts as the have been given to me and as I understand them. This is all what I have gathered, on my own, from reading the fully published, fully available Kickstarter and Womanthology websites. 

First of all, the kickstarter, as I understand it, was made to get the book printed. IDW gave their label and blessing to legitimize it. But printing costs were not covered. That is the point of the kickstarter. PROFITS (not kickstarter funds) are for charity. 100% Still are.

Here are my issues: Someone said Womanthology has pulled a bait and switch with where the funds are going:   The Womanthology kickstarter page…, clearly laid out where EVERY dime would go above and beyond the $25,000. It really does…go look at it…it’s still up…it says…this is directly from the page copied and pasted: 

Our current goal is 25,000. If we, by some miracle, make OVER that goal, here is what we will do:

- Up to 50,000 will mean MORE books printed. See our site athttp://womanthology.blogspot.com for more information on this! We may even be able to afford a special Womanthology table at a big upcoming con!

- 50,000 - 70,000 I will put toward funding the printing of ANOTHER book that will bring more opportunity to creators that just need that chance! Not just women this time! :)

- Over 70,000 …. if there was a miracle in the universe that would allow us to earn more, my ultimate goal would be an expanded version of what this book is about. To create an organization that supports new creators and their creator-owned comics, helps fund them to complete their works, and get them out to major publishers for their chance to shine. The comics industry NEEDS this right now! This would really be a great way to support comics, and help move the industry and all the fantastic creators in it, to a brighter, more awesome future!

Next issue: People saying contributors were being screwed by not getting copies: UNTRUE. On JULY 8th (I still have the email if anyone wants to see it) we (contributors) were told that they wanted to give us copies if enough funds were raised. This was early in the Kickstarter process, and it was just a fair warning (as was clearly stated in the email) that if the bare minimum was all that was met there wouldn’t be enough money to print copies for all of the contributors because there are TONS—Literally, well over 100 people, at $50 a pop, you do the math. Plus, hundreds of kickstarter rewards were actual pre-orders.  So,  just to be safe, they made that known so that people could contribute just in case.  A pre-order was the only gaurantee unless more money came in….Again THEY MADE IT VERY CLEAR THAT COPIES FOR US WAS SOMETHING THEY WANTED TO DO IF THE MONEY CAME IN.

So, you can have an issue for women not getting paid…or with anything else. FINE. But everything was clear and honest. Everyone knew what they were getting into. If they didn’t, it was because they didn’t bother to read. In the case of contributors: a kickstart page, a video, dozens of emails and an entire freaking website which ALL had ALL of the information. I’m very sorry that people were confused, and more sorry that others jumped on a bandwagon without getting facts. They are all still out there, you can check anything that I’ve stated. And once more, I stand to gain nothing from this. I’m just a contributor who believes in something and I hate to see something good tarnished by people who won’t even bother to READ.




“Oh, by the way, you’ll get something for your hard work. We were totally planning this all along. It’s just a coincidence that we never mentioned this until after people complained about it and after many of our contributors paid $50 because they had been led to believe this was the only way to get a book.” -My interpretation.

Bah. I shouldn’t complain about things turning out how I’d hoped. (Well, it’s the bare minimum of what I’d hoped.) I am just really grumpy today. Don’t mind me in the corner being a grumpus.


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    I don’t want to sound mean, or grumpy. I am a big fan of people voicing their opinions…but I’m a bigger fan of truth....
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